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At ProAdvantage, our focus is not on problems, but on solutions to fit your needs. Dan and Kathy DeBoer's task as a small start-up in 1989 was simple: provide quality work, on-time delivery, with a "can do" attitude. Today, we have a reputation for keeping promises by allocating every resource available in order to meet our customers needs. We carry out our mission each day with our core principles in mind.

For the Greater Good

Pro Advantage is a tool placed in our hands by God to help people.

Let’s Figure it Out

We are tenacious problem solvers.

We Are Family

We maintain a culture that embraces our humble beginnings.

For the Long Haul

We look way down the road.

A Cut Above

You can expect us to exceed your expectations.

It's All About Partnerships

Our mission statement is simply the word partnership.

“There are companies that shy away from challenges. We are not one of them. Since our inception, the “can do” attitude has been part of our DNA. We love a challenge!”

— Dan DeBoer || owner


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